Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tucking In - Part 1

It's fall here in Michigan and it's beautiful. It's amazing to live in a place where there really is a fall, as in 2 solid months or more of crisp cool weather without the snow. However, the seasons are quickly changing and we are in tuck-in mode.

New for us this year was the late summer meat chickens. It never made a lot of sense to me why we would buy chicks in the spring when it's cold and then butcher them mid-summer when it's hot as blazes. So, this year we bought them mid-August. We still used a heat lamp for a couple of weeks, but it was minimal and mostly due to the damp weather, not the cold. Also, as they grew, we didn't have to worry about them being too hot. We had shade in the pen and they were happy and we didn't lose any to heat. Thankfully, we didn't lose any at all!  We delivered them to an Amish neighbor last week and now they are in the freezer. It's good to have that job done as the weather gets colder, none of us wants to be out in the snow and wind trying to get chickens to come in the barn!

There are many more things happening here to get ready for the cold!  Stayed tuned for Part 2!

~ Tami

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