Sunday, November 16, 2014

Old Man Winter

Looks like our least favorite season is upon us. Not that we don't appreciate winter, we love the slower pace and the excitement of the season. 

Things don't stop here just because there's snow and that's the tricky part. The animals still need fed and watered and the wood still needs hauled in even if there's 2 foot of snow. We still are grazing some of the livestock and the weather means we have to move their pasture much more often, the plants have officially stopped putting on any regrowth. There are many things I wished I had gotten done, like processed all the apples and pears, painted the hay shed, rototilled the garden one more time...  

Now that winter has come, we do have another shot at the indoor projects we've been putting off so that's what we are focused on now: painting the basement, restaining baseboards and doing some fun holiday crafts!  

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