Monday, November 3, 2014

Preparing for the future: day late already

Well, we knew when we signed up for the 30 day blogging challenge that this week would be rough first couple days.  And we were right.

Tami and I loaded up our respective families in Michigan and Colorado late last week and made a 10+ hour drive to meet in the middle of Iowa for my oldest son's wedding.

Of course it was beautiful and emotional and all the good things that are at the core of weddings and it was also in a internet dead zone so that meant no blogging for us. But just look at this round barn! The ceremony was upstairs and it was amazing.

My family just rolled into the driveway about an hour ago after a 2 hour delay in western Nebraska for a fun (not) little snowstorm that dumped a few slick inches of the white stuff.

 We are ready to get going on this challenge and can't wait to read everyone's blog!

The Ag Blogging challenge arranged by Holly Spangler is going strong. Make sure to read her Agriculturalists Who Influence blog series!

30 Days Bloggers

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