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The first year we lived here we bought a lamb for our daughter to show for 4-H, there's a big story for another time about that lamb, but one thing we gained from having him was 10 heritage raspberry plants. We planted them and I promptly killed 3 of them by burning them with organic fertilizer.  The ones that survived are doing really well, we have harvested berries all summer. 

This week we rototilled beside them, in the direction we want them to spread.  Then we spread manure on the spot we tilled. In a few weeks we will cut them all back and put straw and manure over the plants. This variety likes to be completely cut back each year. I love that we don't have to worry about only pruning the canes that produced this year.  Raspberries are a wonderful, productive, and delicious berry. They are also fairly easy to grow and tend.  Look into growing your own raspberries, you won't regret it!

~ Tami
(bonus points for those of you who can find the creeper in one of the above pictures 😏)

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